Léa Boudreau

Quatre machines pour sauver le monde

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



In January 2019, young students from Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur elementary school in Montréal took part in a little brainstorm : to imagine fantastic machines under the theme “Quatre Machines pour sauver le monde (Four Machines to save the world)”. No limit, no other instruction, all ideas were welcomed. Based on their suggestions, I composed this piece, expressing with sound and music the devices thought out by the youngsters but also their surrounding environment. The work is divided into four parts which respect the original titles given by the schoolchildren:
1- Une machine volante qui fonctionne à la pollution et qui la transforme en air pur (A flying machine that functions with pollution and turns it into fresh air);
2- Une machine-robot en forme d’animal pour sauver les animaux qui n’ont pas de maison et qui sont dans la rue (An animal-shaped robot-machine to save homeless animals that live on the street);
3- Une machine pour envoyer toute la neige qui tombe ici au pôle Nord pour ne plus que ça fonde (A machine to send all the snow falling here to the North Pole so it doesn’t melt anymore);
4- Une machine-bateau-sous-marin pour nettoyer les océans (A machine-boat-submarine to clean the oceans).


Léa Boudreau is a composer and musician based in Montréal. She has nourished a passionate relationship with sound since her teenage years, a time when she would spend days on end as a hermit, listening and creating… oh, how little things have changed! Nowadays, she continues to create in the realms of performance and composition, driven by a desire to explore the infinite sonic possibilities of everyday objects and to express the multitude of musical ideas keeping her awake at night.