Kian Hossein, Arman Moghaddam & Majid Kiamehr


Electronic Language International Festival


Kian Hossein, Arman Moghaddam & Majid Kiamehr – Non-grata – Iran

Non-grata started in 2019 as a solo study project on prolongation and persistence of the various capabilities of sound using the piano as the only instrument on the list. Throughout the process, it also became a challenge to discover to what extent the artist can push the piano’s limits, in terms of its polyphonic nature. Non-grata which was intended to be a musical study, turned out to be a “study of the self”.


Kian Hossein is a composer and sound-designer from Tehran, Iran. He started playing the piano and gradually became interested in electronic music and sound design. His works have been performed at various festivals and events, ranging from music festivals to theatrical performances.

Arman Moghaddam is a visual-code developer collaborating in interactive audiovisual performances. His researches vary from manifests of digital interactive in different context from sound to theater and production of commercial and artistic applications.