Juan Carlos Vasquez

Dorep Ámpora

Electronic Language International Festival


Juan Carlos Vasquez – Dorep Ámpora – United States/Finland

Dorep Ámpora is an audiovisual piece for percussion and electronics guided in three parts reacting to graphic scores. The title is a reorganization of the characters contained in Pedro Páramo, a novel by Juan Rulfo. In the novel, multiple stories blend with each other, and the narrative line does not unfold in a precise chronological order. Instead, there are three main guiding structures that generate a type of narrative that is associative, rather than chronological.


Juan Carlos Vasquez is an award-winning composer, sound artist, and researcher. His electroacoustic music works are performed constantly around the world and to date have premiered in more than 30 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Vasquez has received grants and commissions from numerous institutions across the globe.