Roser Domingo Muñoz

Nuevas formas de hacer música

Electronic Language International Festival


Roser Domingo Muñoz – Nuevas formas de hacer música – Spain

Nuevas formas de hacer música aims to bring the new compositional languages of contemporary music closer to young people. It is born from listening to acoustic territories, where they can explore the environment around them and discover new sounds, often classified as noise. The teaching application and the practical experimentation have been carried out with the students of the 6th year of Primary Education of the CEIP Benimàmet (Valencia, Spain).


Roser Domingo is a multimedia artist and researcher based in Valencia. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis in the Laboratorio de Luz research group at the Universitat Politècnica de València and participating in the project Argos: Performances Audiovisuales desarrolladas a partir del sonido y el espacio escénico. Her academic training is in the musical, audiovisual and graphic fields.