Timothy Weaver

The Whalefall (abridged)

Electronic Language International Festival


Timothy Weaver – The Whalefall (abridged) – United States

The Whalefall (abridged) is an electroacoustic performance work that explores complex ecosystem data and the sonification of biomolecular sequences from the afterlife of great whales. The work initiates cycles from extremophile microbes in the polar seas to the whale calving grounds of the Pacific and to the global whalefall ecological networks of cetacean migratory routes across the Western hemisphere seas. The work culminates as experimental notions of what the afterlife might be.


Timothy Weaver is a biomedia artist, microbiologist and bioenvironmental engineer whose concerted objective is to contribute to the restoration of ecological memory through speculative inquiry along the art-science interface. He is Professor of Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver, USA.