Ignacio Viano

Estudio electronico Nro 2

Electronic Language International Festival


Ignacio Viano –  Estudio electronico Nro 2 – Argentina

This piece is the result of exploring the territory of alias distortion in digital systems. All of the sounds are exclusively based on a single sample manipulated in such a way that the effect of aliasing distortion prevails over its original characteristics. It is a marginal territory, excluded and neglected, where the instruments collapse and the results no longer have a linear relationship with the procedures. In this way the composer finds a fresh source of new sounds and musical forms.


Musician, teacher and sound engineer. He got a diploma at UNQ in music and technology and studied guitar at the Chivilcoy Conservatory. He works as an accompanist guitarist in rock and folk music. Is Professor of Electroacoustic Media at the Chivilcoy Conservatory of Music. Founding partner of vztec, a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of effect pedals and MIDI controllers.