Ting Chun Liu

Imaginary Landscape

Electronic Language International Festival


Ting Chun Liu – Imaginary Landscape – Germany and Taiwan

Imaginary Landscape is an audio-visual performance exploring an unattainable “ideal other-side” in touristic imagery. AI-generated images form a collective un/consciousness echoing picturesque but unattainable places, considering the ambivalent relationship between artifact/nature, human/AI, and Ideal/Reality. With Processing and Max/MSP, the performance creates a unique aesthetic experience and feedback in images and noises.


Ting Chun Liu is a media artist from Taipei Taiwan. Holds a BFA in New Media Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. He is currently a postgraduate student at Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He works with audiovisual, net-art and AI and exhibited in places like the Kölner Philharmonie Germany, PMQ in Hong Kong, Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery, Rangoli Metro Arts Center in Bengaluru.