Daria Baiocchi


Electronic Language International Festival


Daria Baiocchi  – LINE – Italy

LINE is an audiovisual research made with Processing and Max/MSP for a live performance, a fixed media installation or an auto-generated audiovisual in animated score. It has been inspired by Piet Mondrian’s works (1872-1944). The audio part is an electroacoustic work in stereo. Each different line of the video represents different fades in or out of the sound’s takes. The idea started from the desire to investigate new types of musical notation in animated score.


DARIA holds a degree in Classical Literature from the University of Bologna (Italy). Her compositions have been played in theaters and concert halls throughout the world and broadcasted by several radio stations. As music composer, composer for electronics and of videoarts, she won National and International selections. She’s currently main Professor of Harmony and Music Analysis at Fermo Conservatory.