Robin Baumgarten

Quantum Jungle

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival



Quantum Jungle is an interactive art installation that playfully visualizes Quantum Physics concepts on a large wall filled with novel touch-sensitive metal springs and thousands of LEDs. It calculates Schrödinger’s Equation to model the movement of a quantum particle, and demonstrates concepts such as superposition, interference, wave-particle duality, and quantum waveform collapse.

Robin Baumgarten is an experimental hardware game developer and interactive installation artist based in Berlin, Germany. His works range from award-winning one-dimensional hardware games, over weird wobbly spheres, to walls full of door stopper springs that visualize quantum physics in a playful yet scientifically accurate manner.

The Scientific team:
Sabrina Maniscalco
Marilù Chiofalo
Caterina Foti
Guillermo García-Pérez
Matteo Rossi
Boris Sokolov
Jorge Yago Malo

University of Helsinki
University of Aalto
University of Pisa
Institute Q
Palazzo Blu
Fondazione di Pisa