Louis-Philippe Rondeau


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival



LIMINAL is an interactive installation that embodies the inexorable passage of time. It seeks to reify the limit between present and past. An arch of light appears in the darkness: it is a temporal portal. When we cross this threshold, our reflection projected on the adjacent wall seems deployed in time thanks to the slit-scan technique. In this visual metaphor – the past constantly taking over the present – we see our image fading inexorably into the oblivion of white light. In a sense, the work emphasizes that all light is the manifestation of events that have already occurred – the twinkle we see in the night sky is but a bygone snapshot of the stars.

The sound from the work is spatialized – the tone is altered according to the position of the interactor in the portal – which translates into a musicality that incites the public to perform in the present, paving the way for the past. When they cross, the sound is allegorically sculpted by the gestures of the performers. They improvise strange choreographies that light transcribes into images in which bodies seem transformed by singular experiences of time.


In his works, Rondeau develops devices that explore self-representation in a playful and unconventional manner. His research-creation approach reveals as much a search for simplicity of design for users, as an interest in the complexity of computer code and the execution of physical objects. While situating his research in the history of marginal photographic processes popularized in the 19th century, Rondeau’s works with digital images – unlike analog photography – do not stand for reality.