Sticker Exhibition



1 – Empath 

2 – Fingers of Doom 


4 – Vladijenk II (The corroded mainframe at Tartarus edition)


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival





In 2022, FILE FESTIVAL presents the first edition of the Sticker Exhibition. This new way of exploring urban space proposes a contemporary format of public artistic intervention, activating areas of daily circulation through interactive means. This year, the Sticker Exhibition invites the Spanish artist Raquel Meyers and takes place at the FIESP Cultural Center, with participation also in the FILE LED SHOW programm.

This artist and performer defines her work as KYBDslöjd. The acronym refers to the term “keyboard” and slöjd, Swedish word related to dexterity, skill. The concept expresses a type of expanded typing, with which she creates animations that embody creativity, aesthetic inventiveness, technical expertise and critique,  in a continuous flow of 8-bit text. 

From a generation familiar with arcade and Polaroid, she explores in her creative process resources as the Commodore 64, a personal computer model created in the 1980s, and PETSCII graphics. To record each typing movement, Raquel Meyers uses the Nop software, developed by Mathman (Johan Kotlinski), that receives an input of data by the artist and translates it into animation. 

Raquel Meyers creates mythologies populated by robots, zombies, mummies, vampires and lo-fi monsters. On screen, 40 characters in a line correspond to pixels, which combined generate images at 20-24 lines of text, 800-960 characters per page, enabling the creative exploration of low resolution, also found in Pixel Art and ASCII Art. In these animations, the rhythm of obsolete technologies is resignified and a new dynamic is proposed, as a way of overcoming the addictive system of instant gratification, characteristic of the Digital Age and the intuitive use of technologies.


Clarissa Oliveira

Curatorship of Raquel Meyers’ Selection at the Sticker Exhibition

Electronic Language International Festival – FILE



Ricardo Barreto

Raquel Meyers Curatorship 

Clarissa Oliveira


Estúdio Quadradão