FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Led Show
Electronic Language International Festival


V.A.N.H – Interferences – Spain

Interferences is an audiovisual and generative piece, inspired by sound waves. When several waves coincide at the same midpoint, they propagate. Information currently navigates in data, and in the air. Interferences happen to limit information traffic, producing noise. Today, the city and its citizens mix in the midst of data, stimuli, beliefs, religions, tribes. In the midst of chaos there is harmony. 


V.A.N.H is the pseudonym and experimentation platform of the multimedia artist Luciana Maia, where she explores vector synthesis, real-time generative art and 2D/3D animation in her creations. She uses digital anarchism, generative art, lines and graphics as a concept, mixing these techniques, creating unique and complex visuals with a dark aesthetic and futuristic graphics.