Vitor Freire – IJO

“IJO” means dance in Yoruba. The project was born inside a series of actions with the objective of reframing the place of dance and a re-appropriation of the public spaces. Adapted to FILE, the project unfolds its initial ambition, painting the walls and buildings of the city with dancing. By positioning themselves in front of “IJO”, the participants will have a visual representation of their bodies exhibited in real time on the FIESP building. Dance to tell who you are.

Vitor Freire is a designer of social experiences and an inventor of narratives. Graduated in Multimedia Communication from PUC-SP and having a master’s degree in Interactive Arts from NYU. In Brazil, he has held significant projects and entertainment experiments for several brands. Currently he is a brand director for CI&T, an innovative multinational in the area of technology, and leads the creative label Tangible, where he works in projects that speculate and inspire new possibilities of social interaction.