Hotaru Visual Guerrilla: Jone Vizcaino & Ander Ugartemendia


Electronic Language International Festival


The brain communicates internally by using chemical reactions to send information from one neuron, or nerve cell, to another. Brain chemistry is the sum of all the chemical messaging in the brain which permits it to function normally, generating movement, speech, thought, and to see and hear, and controlling the countless other systems that regulate our body.
‘Limbus‘ is concerned with the brain and how its internal activity affects our everyday lives and the development of self.


Hotaru Visual Guerrilla is an independent creative studio for digital art and design in San Sebastian, Basque Country (Spain). Our work explores the intersection between science, nature, and technology. We look for the perfect combination of organic and digital elements, inviting the viewer to visualize alternative realities. We redefine complex concepts using video and sound as our main tools to explore new approaches to non-linear narratives.