Luísa Ulhoa & Alexandre Estebanez

Aroe Maiwu

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Media Art
Electronic Language International Festival


‘Aroe Maiwu’ is a story about dealing with grief, self-discovery, unconditional love and how one woman’s personal journey to the Amazonian unknown makes her reevaluate her ideas and shows a bright size of a loved one’s death. Through her video diary entries, we follow her own perspective of the events, having as a background Brazil in the dictatorship years and the indigenous culture. Extra photographs and the site navigation help create a bigger picture of her life and journey through the Amazon.


Luísa Ulhoa is a multimedia artist and a book editor. She has a MFA in Visual Narrative at SVA in New York, NY. She is fascinated by how media changes message, and because of that she uses several media in her work. Increasingly interested in how technology can create new possibilities for narratives, she explores available forms to find the perfect way to tell each story.

Alexandre Estebanez is a developer and a tech enthusiast. He works with technology as a developer and entrepreneur in worldwide projects, from countries such as England, United States, Brazil and Peru.