Vera Sebert

Journey to the Planet of Nuclear Chewing Gum

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Media Art
Electronic Language International Festival


How can we characterize film narrative, which on the internet is no longer tied to a chronological sequence? How does actual information deform under the manipulating influence of the viewer? The webproject ‘Journey to the Planet of Nuclear Chewing Gum’ makes use of experimental film, poetry texts and interactive netart, arranged in several layers. Digital images of different objects are placed in the foreground of the image and overlaid with found and newly selected video footage, which can be rearranged randomly using ‘drag and drop’. When an object is moved it is linked to a sound snippet and a random subtitle. By interacting with the work, viewers create a strong and changing narrative in the space between text, image and film.


Vera Sebert *1987 | 2007-2015 Fine Arts at University of Fine Arts Braunschweig and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. 2015 Language Arts at University of Applied Arts Vienna, DAAD Erasmus+ Scholarship for Graduates. 2017 Artist in Residency at Kunstlerdorf Schoppingen (DE). 2018 Hannsmann-Poethen Grant for Literature (DE), Styria Artist-in-Residency (AT). 2019 Subnet Artist-inResidency, Salzburg (AT). She works in the borders between visual media, language, film and computer programs.