Cipher Prime Studios


“Auditorium”, the first game from creative group Cipher Prime, is an audio-visual experience unlike anything produced for the web. With the intent to push the limits of casual gameplay by immersing the player in its unique audio particle world, “Auditorium” is about the process of discovery and play; there are no right or wrong answers, and there are many ways to solve every puzzle. With no instructions, no tutorials, and no way to lose, “Auditorium” strives to return the player to a state of childlike wonder where anything is possible. It’s about experiencing fow; the thrill of manipulating light; the joy of assembling music. Come play in our “Auditorium”!

Cipher Prime Studios, Inc. is a small independent studio based in Philadelphia. 2009 saw the release of their debut game Auditorium win many awards such as Most Creative Game of the Year Award by Mochi Media, 2nd Best Browser Game of All Time by Tech Crunch, and many other awards. They are committed to empowering other developers by sharing business knowledge and helping grow the independent developer community.