Mark Tholander

We were waiting for a Train

Electronic Language International Festival

A club owner, a house pianist, a guest at a restaurant and a waiter are having several conversations, talking about a train they were waiting for. In each of these dialogues, we are told about an incident which both has occurred and are yet to occur. These scenes, which are all connected in a non-linear narrative, are bound together by plant symphonies.

Mark Tholander is a contemporary artist who works and lives in Denmark. He has studied in St. Petersburg, Russia, and at The Jutland Art Academy in Denmark. His practice is moving across a variety of different media (installation, video, net art, mail art, sculpture, text and sound) and can be described as a highly interdisciplinary approach in a mixed media field. His work is occupied with what lies beyond the reach of concept-driven language: that the collapse of language does not indicate the border of thinking, but rather indicates where a different kind of thinking begins.
He has exhibited his works in various countries, including: USA, England, Egypt, Spain, Romania, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Sweden and Switzerland.