Santiago Echeverry


FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival



Doug, a retired high school professor, nudist, and Ph.D in Physics in his 70’s, is studied intimately, using the 3D sensor Kinect to capture the amazing tattoos that cover his athletic body. With a wisdom that only comes from age, he represents a community that is fighting stereotypes and social conventions. This is the visual component for the song ‘Anatema/Anathema’ by Mexican cyber punk musician César Cárdenas, known as Zoonosis.


Santiago Echeverry is a Colombian/American New Media Producer and Artist, with a background in Television, Video and Performance Art. Thanks to a Fulbright Grant, he received his Master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. He taught Interactivity at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and then relocated to Florida to teach Interactive Media at the University of Tampa. His work is shown in many international festivals. His interests are non-linear narration, video-art, interactive design, creative code and queer expressions