Sangjun Yoo

Untitled [São Paulo]

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival 

‘Untitled [Sao Paulo]’ uses images of Sao Paulo from Google Street View, transforming them from their typical use in navigation or documentation into an animation that has a nonlinear timeline. His video art considers the one-way interactivity of internet streaming as a barrier to communication and this video attempts to depict the topological landscape and multiplicity of the city over a nonlinear time frame. The image-processing visualizes the material that travels across the boundaries of sites and the resident’s cognitive attachment to it.


Sangjun Yoo is working towards a Ph.D in Digital Media and Experimental Arts at the University of Washington, United States. His installation and new media works are influenced by phenomenology and infused with an account of the lived experience. He explores the visible and the invisible in the interaction between people and their surroundings and aims to provide an opportunity for viewers to examine the self and the subject of interest by mobilizing various creative approaches