Agustín Telo

Red-evoked agitations

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival

Digital intervention made of family films founded on the internet, reinterpreting and manipulating them in search of their deconstruction. They are thought as anxious images, as if they were part of a disordered movement, like the particles of an altered substance. It proposes to ponder on the perception of the images in memory and its random form to manifest in the unconscious, conceiving them as an amorphous red mass in permanent reorganization and conflict.


Agustin Telo graduated in Image and Sound Design in the Buenos Aires University, with courses and seminars on photography, cinema and visual arts. His work goes through diverse techniques (motion images projections, animation and digital video) and different supports and materials (objects, textile, ice installations). In recent years he made many video installations: “El armario”, “El Lumenario”, “Dilusión”. In 2018 premieres the experimental short film “Topographies of a distant noise”.