Albert Bayona

Casual sounds and possible melodies, in the Video, Trip_1. Beth Short’s last walk.

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival

The origin of these sounds is the reproduction of stone discs at 78 revolutions per minute in a gramophone. Later they were digitalized, recovering the original audio and separating it from the noises. The video contains a near-exact recreation of Beth Short’s final steps on the night she vanished, along Olive Street and Eighth Street, having two astonishingly rare views of the Crown Grill, the last place she was seen alive, on January 9, 1947.

His projects have been presented in MACRO, Taipei Fine Arts, Art Center La Panera, La Caixa Foundation, Museum Jaume Morera, Museum Patio Herreriano, Museum of Almeria, CentroCentro Cibeles, MACBA Auditorium, Contemporary Museum MEIAC, PetitGaleria, Gallery Sebastià Petit, Galerie Wedding, Hangar, ACVIC, CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts of Glasgow, Ex-New Centro di Arte Contemporanea di Sulbiate, The Arts Santa Mónica, The Torrance Art Museum of Los Angeles, Marguerida Montferrato Foundation and The Movement Arts Center of Roca Umbert.