Louis Braddock Clarke

Untangling Noises of Matter

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival



Entering the zone of immortal noise allows for both material and non-material mechanisms to be measured. This live territory of iron ore extends beyond the physical
particles and into a liquid sphere. A cacophony of noise and information, bounded by a folding dimension. The magnetic data stored and amplified by the metallic properties of the site is decoded by a geo-tool. Behind these curtains of physicality, a series of invisible inscriptions emerge that flow and dance in space. Here, the land surveyor becomes an active reader of deep-time, present-time and new-time while constantly encountering temporal morphology. Entering this iron-core of signals
becomes fundamental to the inquisition of invisible space and techno-centric-positioning.


Louis Braddock Clarke works as researcher and creative practitioner interpreting notions from domains like art, geography, physics and philosophy. Through this multi-
disciplinary approach, an experimental enquiry unfolds, blending scientific and conceptual theories to materialize them in contemporary mediums. Seeking out concealed obscurities lurking in daily life is a defined focus, one that surfaces as uniting cartographic language, new materialism and modes of peripheral vision.