Pedro Inock Baptista Rodrigues

Contained Turbulence

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival



Our turbulence is a place beyond time and a time beyond place, a “life to sleep a restless sleep”, an open and attentive cycle, a narrative that consists of pure images considering the possible theoretical and aesthetic mechanisms and their many faces, a position of both threat and security. The work takes us through a set of slow paced audio-visual sequences and strongly colorful projections, often monotone, consisting of otherworldly like landscapes that reference kind imagery, choreographed gestures (reminiscent of our complicated shared history as humans), reenactment and improvisation, relentlessly alluding towards complexity, emergency and uncertainty as we are led by a soothing voice into the void of our postmodern condition. The Artist unapologetically builds a poetic and nuanced narrative from his own sombre self-reflections, ideas, desires and theoretical background that includes self-references as well as allusions to eastern philosophy, so important to the work in order to allow the title, this “contained turbulence” to exist far outside the metaphor. It’s systemic. We are supernatural vivid projections, stylishly versatile, specifically interrelated material for memory and projection. “Time will make artists of us all”.

Pedro Inock (Viseu, 1984), Universidade de Belas Artes, Lisboa. Pedro é um artista visual radicado em Lisboa/PT, onde tem um estúdio desde 2009. Trabalha nas áreas de videoarte, videoperformance, instalações e pintura. Entre suas obras, a análise e a observação de questões como lugar, memória e condição humana compõem grande parte do processo.