Andrew McSweeney


Electronic Language International Festival


Andrew McSweeney – Drün – Ireland

Drün is a combination of photo-scanned objects from nature interacting with each other within a particle system. Inspired by the 19th century English-language children’s rhyme Sticks and Stones, the digital simulation playfully disregards the physics of our planet. The simple message behind the children’s rhyme represents the powerful drive of activists who tackle social as well as climate affairs and their vital role in ensuring equal opportunities are present in our society. 


Andrew McSweeney completed an MA in Interdisciplinary Design Practice in 2021 from the Limerick School of Art & Design. Recent exhibitions include his solo exhibition Alone Again, Natura Diddily at the Marina Market, Cork, The Stars Are In The Earth at A4 Sounds, Dublin and a virtual reality application displayed at the Earth Rising: IMMA Outdoors: Eco Festival. He was recently awarded the Visual Arts Agility Award in by the Irish Arts Council and is a member of Sample-Studios in Cork City.