Enrico Dorigatti


Electronic Language International Festival


Enrico Dorigatti – Xeno – Italy

Xeno investigates novel forms of relationship between sound and image. In a world where sound is always the audible consequence of an action, we are used to recognize it as the (by)product of what we see. Xeno, by playing on the tight intertwining between sounds and images, proposes a reality which blurs the border between what is action (cause) and reaction (consequence), challenging whether the sound is still a product, becomes the reason, or coexists on the same plane with the other media.


Enrico Dorigatti is an Italy-based sound designer and sound artist, especially interested in music, technology, and how they connect. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in creative technologies at the University of Portsmouth (UK). His works with music, multimedia, software, and academic writing have been presented at numerous national and international venues.