Germán Gómez

Entre Puentes

Electronic Language International Festival


Germán Gómez – Entre Puentes – Argentina

Based on biological, visual and sound samples captured in the Matanza Riachuelo basin in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Entre Puentes uses the bridge as a metaphor to reveal the extreme anthropization of the environment, lecturing on the importance of developing individual and collective cognitive consciousness, on the relationships between the macro and micro cosmos, the subtle and the dense, on the manifestation of new forms of non-organic life.


Sound and visual artist from Argentina, with a degree in information systems. Works in art, science and technology integrating data, music or visuals. He develops intermedia art projects fusing different fields and techniques: computer vision, audiovisual and immersive installations, generative art, video mapping, expanded cinema, bio art, and different digital scenography for independent music and theater.