Jean-Michel Rolland

Le Ballon rouge: compression

Electronic Language International Festival


Jean-Michel Rolland – Le Ballon rouge: compression – France

The Red Balloon is a French film released in 1956, directed by Albert Lamorisse. This video is a double tribute because, in addition to being a remake of this magnificent film, it borrows the technique of compression from the sculptor César by applying it to an immaterial and temporal work. The 32 minutes of the film, cut into 52 sequences of varying lengths and displayed by 6 on the screen, are compressed into less than 7 minutes without losing any of the initial material.


Jean-Michel Rolland is a French artist born in 1972. A long time a musician and a painter, he brings together his two passions – the sound and the image – in digital arts since 2010. Through video and other artworks, he questions the temporality, a genuine fourth dimension inherent to moving image, as well as the duality between his two favorite mediums, the sound and the visual.