Jean-Michel Rolland

Beijing Bicycles

Electronic Language International Festival


Jean-Michel Rolland – Beijing Bicycles – France

Beijing Bicycles is the poetic memory left on the artist by the thousands of bicycles that circulate in Beijing. The endless round of images is transformed, slowly passing from an indefinite form to that – constructed – of cyclists, without ever dwelling on the original shot. The viewer may feel frustrated by the rapid flyover of the initial photograph, while the pixels are already slipping away following their logic: that of colors.


Jean-Michel Rolland is a French artist born in 1972. A long time a musician and a painter, he brings together his two passions – the sound and the image – in digital arts since 2010. Through video and other artworks, he questions the temporality, a genuine fourth dimension inherent to moving image, as well as the duality between his two favorite mediums, the sound and the visual.