Lida Zacharopoulou


Electronic Language International Festival


Lida Zacharopoulou – Psifímia – Greece

Psifímia are mosaics of the faces of the inhabitants of the uncanny valley, the low-class citizens of the humanoid realm who don’t have the time to complete their training or the money to be GPU nomads and convince the Discriminator to let them into the hills of human likeness. Each digital tile is a face generated by a DCGAN trained on over 220k images. The name is a wordplay between the greek words for digits or pieces of a mosaic, and non-human dead bodies.


Lida Zacharopoulou is a data analytics engineer and creative coder from Athens, focusing on interactive media and data science. She participated in EthicAI=LABS with the group project BlackboxAI, as well as Sónar+D and ProgramaLaPlaza. She is currently pursuing an MA in Digital Arts at Athens School of Fine Arts.