John Melo

Memórias da montanha

Electronic Language International Festival


John Melo – Memórias da montanha – Argentina/Colombia

In the background, the Bear Mountain in Bogotá, photographed from a distance for 6 months. Neural networks from free access notebooks (VqGan and StyleGan) were used. The sounds were recorded directly from the mountain top. Memórias da montanha is interested in the time-matter tension between the visualization of memory reminders and the formation of images generated by artificial intelligence.


Visual artist, designer and teacher of audiovisual arts. Interested in the relationship between arts, technology, ancestry, transdisciplinary and experimental work. He studies nonlinearity in the artistic processes, poetic and magical thinking, spirituality, and political and social actions, with a deep interest in pedagogy. Combines creation languages such as installation, sculpture, illustration, writing, sound, and mainly video.