Sixue Yang, Danquis Johnson & Federica De Francesco

Flowing Utopia

Electronic Language International Festival


Sixue Yang, Danquis Johnson & Federica De Francesco – Flowing Utopia – China/United States/ Italy

Flowing Utopia is an experimental film about a dancer escaping from the world into a magical place. The film also implies the fundamental uncertainty and ambiguity of life during troubled times when the environment in which humans live is chaotic and upended. Immersing in a futuristic natural environment with flashing neon colors, we just free all of our sensations.


Sixue Yang is an experimental ink painter based in China and the USA.  Federica De Francesco is a dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher.  Danquis Johnson is a music producer, experimental film artist, and actor from the greater Philadelphia area. Multi award winning and International contemporary artists Sixue Yang, Federica De Francesco, and Danquis Johnson collaborated on an experimental film during the pandemic to offer relief and escape. The film, Flowing Utopia, depicts Italian artist De Francesco dance performance along with Sixue Yangs ink painting to Danquis Johnson’s recent EP Utopian Rose.