Ingrata Bergman

Siete Años De Mala Suerte

FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Anima+
Electronic Language International Festival


Ingrata Bergman – Siete Años De Mala Suerte – Spain

Siete Años De Mala Suerte is an ode to the breaking of the mirror. An AI voice double of the artist narrates a poem that condenses the traumatic experience of surrendering to other’s desires, with the loss of identity and self-steem that brings along. This piece is an invitation to look away from the mirror and the digital mirror a screen is, because even seven years of bad luck are better than a life of slavery.


Mayte Gomez-Molina is a Spanish new media artist and writer whose practice is based in 3D animation, VR and digital video appropriationism as tools for expanded poetry. Her work explores the body as a political subject and perception as a social agreement. She is currently working as a researcher and animator at Karlsruhe’s Institute of Technology.