Kazushi Mukaiyama & Masaki Maeda


“WAVO” consists of a PoSC microcomputer, an accelerometer and a 16×16 matrix LED and express moving waves with LED. These waves are calculated by Wave Equation in real-time. Therefore, people can feel the beautiful movement of lights made by this equation. Yet, people can enjoy interacting waves as WAVO has an accelerometer. Interacting with people, this artwork introduces them to fascinating aspects of mathematics.

Kazushi Mukaiyama (Ph.D. in media art) is a digital media artist graduated from Conceptual and Media Art Course at Kyoto City University of Arts in Japan. He currently works as an associate professor in the Department of Media Architecture at Future University Hakodate. He makes digital media art works from the point of view of information processing. For example, Network Communicate Kaleidoscope, the net art people can attend, Shizuka the AI Painter, the AI program which can make drawings, and so on.