Josefin Lindebrink


Electronic Language International Festival

“Habitat” explores themes of development as both a solitary and communal process. Specifically how individual action ripples out to affect all of the members of a community while that state of the community conditions the actions of individual members. The participant lie on a structure that oscillates in response to biofeedback from its occupant. As other participants occupy their own structure, they are added to the others’ feedback loop, creating a temporary hive identity. Throughout the exhibition period, “Habitat” will work to achieve a sustainable balance, a restful or tense whole from the sum of its parts.
However, a conscious change of behavior of each participant will result in an evolution of the environment.

Technical advisor and additional programming: Simon Fransson
Technical advisor, construction and design: Jacob Andersson

Josefin Lindebrink (born 1986, Stockholm, Sweden) is a sound artist, researcher and educator active in the intersection between art and science. With a particular interest in existing structures of lived environments, her work focuses on connections between auditory/haptic sensation and shared experiences of being in the 21st century.
Her work has been presented at various exhibition and performance spaces in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australasia. She is the current chairperson of Fylkingen New Music and Intermedia Art.