Ludmila Rodrigues


Electronic Language International Festival

“Polytope” is a lightweight, tractable structure that engages the visitor in a space-bodily investigation. It is rigid and at the same time, tractable. A void which takes space. Its volume is juxtaposed and re-arranged through the action of the visitor.
In elementary geometry, a polytope is a region, resulted from the intersection of half-spaces, and it may exist in any general number of dimensions. The work proposes relations in space and time, raising a sense of performance.
The movement provoked in the sculpture, in turn, influences the body of the visitor, in a mutual choreography. In this interplay, multiple forms of action, reaction, motion and expression emerge. Subtle gestures may create amplified transformations.

Concept: Ludmila Rodrigues
Sound design: Rob Bothof
Support: Stroom Den Haag.

Ludmila Rodrigues (Rio de Janeiro, 1979) is an artist, scenographer and sometimes performer; operating in the fields of kinetic art, architecture and social intervention. She investigates affect, bodily experience and proprioception (sense of move) through the touch, creating spaces, situations and devices to engage with the audience. Rodrigues deploys playful strategies to trigger both individual and social awareness. Her works unfold a corporeal dialogues with the public, where everyone becomes an actor. She has a bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban Planning (UFRJ/Brazil); in Arts by the ArtScience Interfaculty (KABK, The Hague) and a Master in Arts by the Art Sense(s) Lab (PXL/Belgium). She has also learned some dance and martial arts. Based in The Hague, Netherlands, since 2009.