Peter William Holden


Electronic Language International Festival

“Arabesque” is a kinetic art work with its roots in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and the alchemist’s laboratory. Composed of life sized cast human body parts (incidentally casts of my own body) these translucent entities expose their internal robotic mechanisms to the world. While the wiring/tubing is a conscious aesthetic expression assimilated into the artwork to bring chaotic lines of abstract form, which contrasts heavily with the organized symmetry of the body parts.
When in motion “Arabesque” becomes a time-based performance and can be viewed from a multitude of angles, revealing a kaleidoscope of beautiful patterns and shapes created from the human form.

Photos : Medial Mirage / Matthias Möller
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I’m interested in exploring ways to dissolve the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture. In my recent investigations of this theme I’ve been working with computers combined with robotic elements to create mandala like kinetic sculptures. I consider these kinetic sculptures to be the medium I work with and just a necessary step to achieve what I believe is the true focal point of my work. That focal point being the ephemeral animations — choreographies that are created when these sculptures are in motion.