Giandomenico Paglia


FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival


A quiet, hardworking town. Slowly, calmly and serenely, the sound of people at work merges into a single, harmonious melody. A child plays with a ball. But the ball is a magic ball, and when the child throws it against the wall it causes an explosion which reveals the darkest urges and desires of that lovable, serene city …

Vocal Performer: Francesca Bonfatti


Giandomenico Paglia is a multidisciplinary artist. His research ranges from visual art to experimenting with sound. Paglia’s sound works build from simple musical sequences, over which he overlays harmonic and stylistic effects. His compositions are often linked to the work of photographer and video artist Francesca Bonfatti, where the harmony between the two artists results in a complete fusion of image and sound.