Sarah Ouazzani

The Myth of Eternal Return

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival


In The Little Girl in the Forest of Tales, the essayist Pierre Péju mentions the «delighted child», delighted to follow the flute player, to sink into the forest, to get lost, to meet the beast. I am looking for the sensations of this «delighted child» in the forest of dancers. While the party is in full swing, it struggles not to fall asleep. Dazzled by lights that shined brightly, I was the child.
I plunge it into a liquid reverie.


Sarah Ouazzani: A visual and sound artist. I live in Marseille, France. My video work sparked my interest in the non-visible, unspoken words, sound as an intermediary of a dialogue with the unconscious. Time, slowness, displacement, myths, rituals, elements are central in my approach. I practice vocal improvisation and electroacoustic music, sometimes linking it with cinema, with performances, installations or videos. I also conduct workshops with schools, social institutions, etc.