chdh: Cyrille Henry & Nicolas Montgermont


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



“Deciban” is chdh’s new audiovisual performance where sound and visual shapes emerge from noise. On the screen, a video noise similar to the “snow” of old analog TVs fills the entire space. This hypnotic material, accompanied by its sound alter ego, is animated and set in motion by forces controlled in real time by two performers using laptops.
The noise acquires a structure, a topology, patterns. Shapes emerge, visual and sound movements appear. The public loose themselves in the perception of this world full of illusions. In Deciban, phenomena are drowned in a noise universe: noise is information.


The chdh collective studies images / sound relationships by creating audio and visual algorithmic synthesizers. They mainly use these audiovisual instruments during live performances. Using equations describing natural mechanisms, they generate abstract choreographies of particles whose minimalist matter reveals underlying structures of great complexity, shaped by strange organic attractors. In search of a synaesthetic radicality, their hypnotic performances work on the joint movements between image and sound and belong as much to experimental cinema in the form used as to improvised music in the way they are played.