Christoph De Boeck

Floating Beam

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



Listening to the internal activity of a solid structure with an ultrasonic microphone reveals the transformatory nature of infrastructure, a metastability, a world in distress. Every new acoustic emission derived from stress is recorded and concatenated to the audioloop: an initial loop of one single sound is extended with each new event so that multiple micro-melodies arise. It becomes the song of a monolith animated with the sound of its own demise.

His exhibition work is marked by a tension between what we experience as visual and what we hear. He started focusing on acoustic traces left behind by stress events. The visual arrangement of sound marks relates to a man-made world under pressure. The acoustic image points to a larger event which is taking place within a horizon we cannot define. His work has been presented internationally.
With Aernoudt Jacobs, De Boeck runs Overtoon – a platform for sound art based in Brussels.