Rodi Punzo

SLO: Semiautomatic Light Orchestra

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



SLO — Semiautomatic Light Orchestra —, a photovoltaic controlled recycled object analog synthesizer, reads the white noise produced by electrons in euphoric freedom translating it into unrepeatable, unpredictable extemporized music.
The set consists of three elements: the rhythm section (two percussionist photovoltaic robots which create random and rhythmic textures); the Rudidrones (an electro-acoustic set of musical sculptures); and Urlaluci, a console with oscillators that produce sounds from received light impulses.

Rodi Punzo creates artworks that combine sculpture, sound, video projections and performance. Animating recycled and discarded materials with renewable energy sources, the sculptural elements in his works are transformed through his interactions with them, their own kinetic movements and the sampling of the sounds these elements create. He has presented his compositions and artworks at experimental music festivals and A-i-R programs through Europe, North and South America and Asia.