Unheard of: Insect Bioacoustics, Percussion and Electronics

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



What do you think we are not hearing? Can listening challenge our assumptions concerning our relations with non-human species and, in particular, insects? This synthesized soundscape is composed entirely of hidden sounds — sounds that cannot be heard by humans without technology. These include ultrasonic sounds (above the range of human hearing), substrate-borne vibrations, and otherwise very quiet sounds. These recordings were made in the Reserva Adolpho Ducke in Manaus, Brasil between 2017-19.

Lisa Schonberg is a composer, percussionist and sound artist with a background in entomology and ecology. She documents insects and habitats through sound work to draw attention to environmental issues. Her recent work includes studies of endangered Hawaiian bees, old growth forests in Oregon, and ATTA (Amplifying the Tropical Ants), a project investigating ant acoustic communication in the Brazilian Amazon. Her compositions are performed by Secret Drum Band and UAU.