Sonia Li


Electronic Language International Festival

“Movement” is inspired by my personal transformation through dance and a spiritual event of meeting my true self. Dance is a language which encourages the brain to spark new cells, interconnecting to form new neuro pathways. The plasticity of the brain constantly adapts to the physical changes in the body, impacting perception, comprehension and memory. I make these visuals after dance sessions to directly tap into the energy of the mind-body connection, reflecting the organic shifts and changes. As my body learns to perform complex movements, the visuals evolve with these changes. Additionally, I listen to Solfeggio frequency, healing sounds to explore the mind’s capacity for spirituality. As a result, these experimental images have scintillating colors, dynamic movements and speeds. The circular motions echo my natural movement inclination and the mandala, Buddhist spiritual symbol. They channel my artistic intuition through scientific research in neurology and psychology, maintaining visual tension, difference and interest to the brain.

Sonia Li is a visual artist and dancer in Brooklyn, NY. She works with dance, video, sound and sensory elements to create immersive experiences hinging on personal transformations. She’s currently training in contemporary dance at Gibney Dance Center and Movement Research. Her work has been shown at the FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Burning Man’s Disorient Country Club VI Festival, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Dementia Arts’ Wellness Program, Art-O-Mat at Whitney Museum of Art, NYC Resistor, La Sala Performance Space, Tisch School of the Arts. She has performed at Opera America, with Leimay´s Garden Piece and Lisa Park´s Heart Sync at the New Museum.
Awards and honors include: Stern Entrepreneur Challenge Semifinalist (2017), INSTINT Festival Artist Fellow (2017), EYEO Festival Artist Fellow (2015), Chen Yung Memorial Full Scholarship (2012-2014). Her work has been featured on,, and
She holds a Masters in Interactive Installations from ITP/Tisch NYU, and a BFA in Installation Art from SUNY Purchase.
Instagram: @GlowLikeUnicorn