Max Hilsamer

Life & Logo

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival

What constitutes a group? An art group in particular? Is it in need of a name and an image? The young art collective M.U. decides to answer the question of its corporate identity with a proposition: in a series of workshops the collective sets out to develop a living logo. Drawing lessons, organ rituals, photo shoots and cake walks are brought into play to bring good luck to the project and find the form they aspire to. An image is created using a thermoplastic process. An object becomes a sign and perhaps irreversibly so. No one is quite aware of what the logo will do to them, will it be life or death by logo? ‘Life & Logo’ is partly a making-of: a documentation of real events during the growing season of a garden. And partly scripted action: a dystopian corporate video in which life and logo go to work.


Max Hilsamer is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. He studied Fine Arts at University of the Arts Berlin and Parsons, the New School, New York. Max works in formats such as docu-fiction, essay film, and media installation to speculate on the way power structures (particularly in the business world) are internalized by those involved and permeate social life.