Muriel Paraboni

The Factory

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Videoart
Electronic Language International Festival



“The Factory” is an experimental minimalist piece that can best be defined by the a notion rescued at the basis of John Cage’s work: from looking repeatedly at the same object, its depth is revealed. In fact, this notion is related to a Zen proverb that says that “in the beginning mountains are mountains and the rivers are rivers, in the middle mountains are no longer mountains nor rivers are rivers, but in the end mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers again”, describing the paths our perceptions take in the search for apprehend the essential reality of phenomena.


Muriel Paraboni is a filmmaker and visual artist. With background in film and arts, Muriel’s works has strong visual emphasis, marked by language and aesthetic experimentation, combining poetry and abstraction with existential issues. His most recent short ‘Eventide’ won several international awards.