Danae Io

The lips, the lisp, the slip of the tongue

Guli Silberstein

Field of Infinity

Tivon Rice

Environment Built for Absence (an unofficial/artificial sequel to JG Ballard’s “High Rise”)

Jenny Vogel

How Much Memory is Needed

Max Hilsamer

Life & Logo

Brit Bunkley


Anna Vasof

Hitting my Head to the World

William A. Brown

The South in Black & White

Dimitri Venkov

Videoart Highlight: The Hymns of Muscovy

Pete Burkeet

Black Hole Son

Pierre Chaumont

Data Is Not Knowledge

Mark Tholander

Given enough time on this boat, you will learn to love me

Albert Merino

The Present Condition

A. Bill Miller

Moving Sensing

Frank Wang Yefeng

Rotation Method

Bill Psarras


Hiroya Sakurai

The Stream IX

Ivar Veermäe

The Flood

Hamza Kirbas

I, You, S-He, We

Muriel Paraboni

The Factory

Mark Regester & Dave Madden

The Perfect Being

Aliénor Vallet

Camouflage Self-Portrait

Zuza Banasinska

I didn’t go to Crimea and All I Got was this Alien Message

Kuesti Fraun

Little Baggy

Glasz DeCuir

Cherry Blossom

Eri Kassnel


Brynley Longman

Lady Carmagnolle

Brynley Longman

Catching Feathers

Fran Orallo

Amateur Poetry

Khalil Charif


Abe Abraham

Salt Water

Hannah Doran

Six Feet Film

Ryan Seslow

The Soundless Cities of Anonymity

Eri Kassnel


Sangjun Yoo

Untitled [São Paulo]

Sonia Li